rtfm / CHANGES
2004-06-28  Vivek Dasmohapatra  <vivek@etla.org>

	* templates: added charset to stop validator bitching.

2003-10-22  Vivek Dasmohapatra  <vivek@etla.org>

	* docroot/xterm/ctlseq.sh: new script

	* docroot/xterm/ctlseq.sh.src: htmlfontified source of script

	* docroot/xterm/index.src: mention new ctlseq.sh + source pages

	* cgi-bin/debug.cgi: Added debug cgi script

2003-03-27  Vivek Dasmohapatra  <vivek@etla.org>

	* elisp/rtfm.el (rtfm-fontify-fd): parse -*- mode: <foo> -*- entries

2003-03-09  Vivek Dasmohapatra  <vivek@etla.org>

	* docroot/emacs/htmlfontify/index.src: updated htmlfontify to v0.20

	* docroot/emacs/htmlfontify/: updated to version 0.20

	* elisp/rtfm.el (rtfm-build-source-docs): renamed default instance file

	* docroot/emacs/lpc-mode/: updated to lpc-mode v0.15

	* elisp/htmlfontify.el: updated htmlfontify in /elisp

2002-12-09  Vivek Dasmohapatra  <vivek@etla.org>

	* docroot/robots.txt (Disallow): added robots.txt file

2002-12-08  Vivek Dasmohapatra  <vivek@etla.org>

	* elisp/htmlfontify.el: new htmlfontify version

	* docroot/emacs/htmlfontify/index.src: new htmlfontify version

2002-11-06  Vivek Dasmohapatra  <vivek@etla.org>

	* docroot/emacs/htmlfontify/src/LICENSE.src: removed ^L characters

	* cgi-bin/htmlfontify.cgi: ability to keep the input and output
	files if the user gives permission

2002-11-01  Vivek Dasmohapatra  <vivek@etla.org>

	* docroot/emacs/p4-blame/src: p4.el v10.2

	* elisp/htmlfontify.el: new htmlfontify v0.18

	* docroot/emacs/p4-blame/index.src: - old p4-blame, + p4.el v10.2

	* docroot/emacs/htmlfontify/src: new htmlfontify v0.18

	* docroot/emacs/htmlfontify/index.src: new htmlfontify v0.18

	* include/emacs-hfy-menu.src: new htmlfontify v0.18

2002-10-22  Vivek Dasmohapatra  <vivek@etla.org>

	* include/perl-menu.src: added link to new section

	* docroot/perl/dbi/proc/syb-proc.pl.src: example code
	* docroot/perl/dbi/proc/std-proc.pl.src: example code

	* docroot/perl/dbi/index.src: new DBI tips'n'tricks section

	* include/perl-dbi-menu.src: new nav menu file

2002-09-24  Vivek Dasmohapatra  <vivek@etla.org>

	* docroot/emacs/lpc-mode/index.src: change notes from v0.13,0.14

	* docroot/emacs/lpc-mode/lpc-mode.el.src: updated with v0.14

	* docroot/emacs/lpc-mode/lpc-mode.el: update with v0.14

2002-09-22  Vivek Dasmohapatra  <vivek@etla.org>

	* docroot/perl/index.src: describe/link to p4pr.pl

	* docroot/perl/p4pr.pl.src: new file

	* docroot/perl/p4pr.pl: new file

	* docroot/emacs/p4-blame/p4-blame-hfy-10.1/: htmlfontify new source 
	* docroot/emacs/p4-blame/: added p4.el v 10.1 + new blame code

	* docroot/emacs/: moved p4-blame pages/source into their own directory

	* docroot/emacs/p4-blame.src: linked to new sourceforge site

2002-09-18  Vivek Dasmohapatra  <vivek@etla.org>

	* docroot/emacs/lpc-mode/index.src: add change list to page,
	tweak description.

	* docroot/emacs/lpc-mode/lpc-mode.el.src: updated from v0.12

	* docroot/emacs/lpc-mode/lpc-mode.el: updated with v0.12

2002-09-09  Vivek Dasmohapatra  <vivek@etla.org>

	* elisp/rtfm.el: removed require for lpc-mode (autoload instead)

	* cgi-bin/htmlfontify.cgi (html_fontify_input): let all errors 
	filter through to the log for now
	* elisp/lpc-mode.el: updated, fixed compile/batch mode problems.

	* docroot/emacs/lpc-mode/lpc-mode.el.src: updated from 0.11

	* docroot/emacs/lpc-mode/lpc-mode.el: added post-rewrite version

	* docroot/emacs/lpc-mode/lpc-mode-0.08.el: added old version of code

	* docroot/emacs/lpc-mode/index.src: mention v0.09 is a rewrite

	* include/emacs-lpc-menu.src: link to lpc-mode-0.8 (old version)

2002-09-06  Vivek Dasmohapatra  <vivek@etla.org>

	* docroot/sql/dbishell/links.src: Added links to DBI FAQ, homepage
	and PIQT

	* docroot/emacs/lpc-mode/lpc-mode.el: updated to v0.08

	* docroot/emacs/lpc-mode/lpc-mode.el.src: updated from 0.08 source.o

	* docroot/emacs/lpc-mode/lpc-mode.el: updated to v0.08
	now understabds ({...}) list syntax for indentation

2002-09-04  Vivek Dasmohapatra  <vivek@etla.org>

	* docroot/emacs/dot.src: update with new .emacs file (more
	deadweight removed, added replace-timestamp defun)

	* docroot/emacs/lpc-mode/lpc-mode.el.src: updated fontified lpc-mode

	* docroot/emacs/lpc-mode/lpc-mode.el: update lpc-mode, fix various
	lpc quote (') syntax special cases

2002-09-01  Vivek Dasmohapatra  <vivek@etla.org>

	* elisp/rtfm.el (custom-set-faces): Add a face specification for
	lpc-reference-face so that htmlfontify can find it in batch mode

	* elisp/lpc-mode.el (lpc-maybe-electric-brace): obsolete function
	electric-c-brace is now c-electric-brace, added check to amke sure
	containing-sexp is non-nil before using it.
	(lpc-mode): force font-lock on even in batch mode
	(lpc-mode): add missing (provide 'lpc-mode) statement
	(lpc-extra-font-lock-map): handle inherit ""; lines as well as
	varargs and nomask declaration modifiers

	* include/emacs-menu.src: Added link to lpc-mode section

	* docroot/emacs/lpc-mode/lpc-mode.el.src: fontified lpc-mode code.

	* include/emacs-hfy-menu.src: Index for new section

	* docroot/emacs/lpc-mode/index.src: New page for lpc-mode

	* elisp/rtfm.el:
	(php-mode): added new mode (PHP,debian)
	(lpc-mode): added new mode (LPC,local)

	* elisp/lpc-mode.el: added new language support (LPC,local)

2002-07-28  Vivek Dasmohapatra  <vivek@etla.org>

	* docroot/images/pepperfish.png: unfuzzed the text a little

	* docroot/images/debian.png: flipped colours to bright on dark

	* Makefile (SYNCOPT): ignore differences in .elc files, they'll be
	recompiled at the far end anyway, so we can't tell they're up to
	date just by looking at them

	* docroot/xterm/ctlseq.src (main-title): Done with formatting
	this page ( bored now, moving on )

	* docroot/images/rtfm-icon.png: replaced old rtfm site icon
	( which I hated ). with a new one ( which I hate slightly less )

2002-07-23  Vivek Dasmohapatra  <vivek@etla.org>

	* docroot/sql/oracle_time/footnote.src: fixed duff link to ora_url.c 

2002-06-30  Vivek Dasmohapatra  <vivek@etla.org>

	* elisp/rtfm.el (rtfm-tag-pipe-cmd): scan-stdin is parse-stdin in
	the offical GNU etags

	* C/etags.c: merged back in GNU etags w. parse-stdin support

	* docroot/emacs/htmlfontify/index.src: links to htmlfontify 0.17,
	removed old versions (prior to 0.15)

	* docroot/emacs/htmlfontify/: added htmlfontify 0.17 tar file

	* docroot/emacs/htmlfontify/: re-ran rtfm-build-source-docs on
	the htmlfontify source

	* elisp/: added htmlfontify 0.17 release files to build system

2002-05-30  Vivek Dasmohapatra  <vivek@etla.org>

	* docroot/xterm/ctlseq.src: fixed sume duff #target links

2002-05-26  Vivek Dasmohapatra  <vivek@etla.org>

	* elisp/tar-extra.el: extend tar mode to allow new files
	to be inserted into an existing tar file

	* elisp/rtfm.el: add fd read functionality, wrappers to allow
	htmlfontify to operate on tar files

	* elisp/htmlfontify.el: htmlfontify release candidate 0.17 used

	* elisp/cperl-mode.el: more recent copy of cperl-mode than is
	distributed with debian/woody

	* cgi-bin/htmlfontify-tarfile.cgi: added script to handle tar files

2002-05-02  Vivek Dasmohapatra  <vivek@etla.org>

	* elisp/rtfm.el (uniquify): added requires, fixed some warnings

	* docroot/sql/dbishell/links.src (main-title): added link to 0.8.9

	* Makefile (upload): added auto-recompile of uploaded .el files

2002-04-25  Vivek Dasmohapatra  <vivek@etla.org>

	* templates/red+black.html: pepperfish.org -> pepperfish.net

	* cgi-bin/htmlfontify.cgi (html_fontify_widget): Added contact note

2002-04-20  Vivek Dasmohapatra  <vivek@etla.org>

	* cgi-bin/htmlfontify.cgi: new script, drive emacs in batch mode
	to demonstrate the htmlfontification of submitted files (no xlinks)

	* Makefile (libs):      added elisp dependencies
	($(TARGET)/elisp/%.el): target to copy elisp files in
	(ELISPLIB):             list of elisp files

	* build/rtfm.el: changed include path to contain elisp/ and ../elisp

	* lib/CGI/Simple/Simple.pm (_debug): made dependent on env DEBUG

	* docroot/sql/dbishell/src: republished by htmlfontify 0.16

	* docroot/emacs/htmlfontify: added htmlfontify 0.16

2002-04-14  Vivek Dasmohapatra  <vivek@etla.org>

	* Makefile (clean): new target - zap 'special' generated .src files
	  and clean out non-cgi, non-library built files from target

	* include/main-menu.src: added entry for changelog

	* build/rtfm.el: elisp initialisation copied in from .emacs

	* Makefile (changelog): target to autobuild changelog file

	* site: added CHANGES file

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