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Emacs Lisp Archive Entry  (ELAE) Format v1.2

Time-stamp: <2001-06-12 13:28:37 stephen>

Note that this format is very similar to the format recommended by the
Emacs Lisp coding standards (see the Emacs Lisp manual).  Please read
that document.

Here is an example of an acceptable archive entry:

;; Emacs Lisp Archive Entry
;; Filename: hello.el
;; Version: 1.1
;; Keywords: tools
;; Author: Jane Schmoe <jane@example.com>
;; Maintainer: Jane Schmoe <jane@example.com>
;; Created: 28 Jun 1999
;; Description: cause a greeting message to appear on the user's
;; screen
;; URL: http://www.example.com/~jane/emacs.html
;; Compatibility: Emacs19, Emacs20, XEmacs21

Note that your ELAE doesn't have to have all of these entries.  In
particular, only the following entries are required:

Filename or Package

Here is an exhaustive list of the currently recognized entries:

Filename - the filename of a single .el file entry
Package - For multi-file entries, this is the name of the full package
          (e.g. calc, auctex, pcl-cvs).  Note that the "Package" entry
          should have the same name as the tar file of your entry.
Version - the current version

Keywords - a comma-separated list of keywords.  The current keywords,
           as used by finder.el, are given in the separate file
Author - original author's name and email address.  For multiple
         authors, write this as:

          ;; Author: Jane Schmoe <jane@foo.com>
          ;;         Bob Frob <frob@bob.com>
          ;;         Jack Smith <jack@smith.com>
Maintainer - the current maintainer.  If there are multiple
                maintainers, format this as for multiple authors.
Created - creation date
Description - one line description
URL - canonical URL where one can find the latest version of this file
Compatibility - Emacsen this file is compatible with.  Use
                Emacs[version] to refer to GNU Emacs.  Use
                XEmacs[version] to refer to XEmacs.
Incompatibility - Emacsen this file is specifically NOT compatible
Last-Updated - the time this was last updated

Other information, like longer descriptions, should not be part of the
ELAE, but placed in another portion of the file.

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