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LPC mode

LPC is a C-derived language with some OO features ( as well, iirc, as some dynamic ones ): It is often used for programming MUDs. lpc-mode is basically an extension of cc-mode that knows how to cope with a couple of differences, like ({...}) constructs and the fact that ' is sometimes a referencing operator rather then a character quote.

lpc-mode.el v0.09 was largely a rewrite: v0.08 ( and earlier versions ) were just mangled versions of c++-mode: v0.09 was written as a more typical cc-mode based mode, plus font-lock support.


  • 0.15: add `protected' and `nosave' specifiers.
  • 0.14: tweak syntax highlight regex order, so references to keywords/builtins are highlighted as references, not functions/keywords/etc
  • 0.13: kludges for XEmacs API and font-lock support differences
  • 0.12: bug in `lpc-font-lock-map' keyword/function definition highlighting
  • 0.11: should compile cleanly now _and_ work as well (I hope)
  • 0.10: miscellaneous bugfixes.
  • 0.09: rip up and rewrite as a proper cc-mode based mode
  • 0.08: ({ ... }) syntax added as brace-list
  • 0.07: ultra-hairy ({#'[][,&] syntax now scanned for. Bleurgh
  • 0.02 ... 0.06: intermediates
  • 0.01: 'foo and 'C' should be handled correctly
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