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So what is it?

p4-blame is my attempt to add a funky, hyperlinked, all-singing-and-dancing version of p4pr.pl to p4.el.

What can it do?

p4-blame shows you a two-section display: on the left you can see the line number, and the most recent author, change, and file revision which modified or introduced that line. On the right, you get a section containing the file itself.

Hyperlinks are provided to let you view every change specification or file revision mentioned in the blame index, as well as the author's perforce details ( full name, client depot from which they comitted their changes, last depot access date ).


I have prepared an updated version that should work better ( and hopefully faster ) than the old p4-blame : Hopefully once this has been reviewed it will get merged in to a later version.

Change of plan: p4-blame-print-with-rev-history will acquire p4-blame's extra features and be renamed/aliased tp p4-blame instead.

Ok, this has happened: p4.el v10.2 contains the new/old implementation of p4-blame.

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  2. perforce
  3. integration
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