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What, you want to know about me? I'm boring. I was born. I did stuff, some of which led to me wandering into university, where I mostly didn't do stuff. I could have worked, but there were computers. And other shiny objects. ( Ok, computers aren't actually shiny, but in spirit they are, iyswim ). Shiny objects are nice. So are Bone, JTHM|I Feel Sick|Squee, Lenore, V for Vendetta, The Cure, Emacs, SJG (Illuminati,In-Nomine,etc...), Lisp, Perl, UNIX, Debian, Sluggy Freelance, Dilbert, Goats, BOFH, Lexx, Akira Kurosawa, Studio Ghibli and many, many other things...

     "Aren't you ashamed of yourself?" 
     "No, I have people to do that for me."
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